The New Leasing Offer

dedicated to the hospitality sector 

for EUROPEAN B2B clients

Thanks to the operating lease formula, in partnership with "Booking My Hotel" ( and thanks to the services "Domorental" ( we offer you solutions “All Inclusive” which include the delivery and installation of the goods, and the operational rental of your lighting products. With optional services such as insurance, maintenance and replacement.

What are the main advantages?

1 Currently, hoteliers go through the purchasing process one at a time, with the need to find the best suppliers. Rental & Procurement is a strategic service that allows you to establish needs, priorities and suppliers with a single solution.

2 It guarantees the best value for money, simplifying any financial process, without affecting its working capital and without resorting to bank financing.


After a first listening phase, we will help you in definition of your needs, identifying priorities, timing and positioning. You will be followed in choice of products and the financial plan that best suits your needs.


If you have already defined your needs, we will support you in the following steps only: the choice of budget, equipment and financial plan.


You will be offered an operational rental solution applied to the chosen supply.