Custom lamps and lighting   Handcrafted, produced to order and Made in Italy  Customizable in every detail  Furnishing supplies for hotels, bars and restaurants

Handmade bespoke lamps | ff&e supplies | Made In Italy 


We have structured a solid social structure and built a network of qualified partners. The team of founders comes from the Top Management of Italian manufacturing, highly recognized internationally for the ability to manage complex and full custom-made industrial design consolidated in over twenty years, to which are added significant partners of the Italian industrial and professional scene, including, AIRCNC, another innovative start-up in the field of production management and sourcing of subcontractors in the mechanical field, already chosen by an international incubator, UNISMART - Fondazione Università di Padova, with which we will start research projects in Computer Engineering and Electronics, User Experience and Man / Machine interactions, CONFAPI Venice and INNOVUP who will assist us in the lobby affair and BIZPLACE, primary national Advisor who has chosen to bet on our challenge.

Our experience, the result of a commitment - over twenty years - in perfecting and learning a business model - lean and innovative - to make the decision-making interaction mechanisms between design professionals, contractors and end customers / buyers.

The know-how of the founding members and the background of the industrial partners participating in the project, as well as of the team members, guarantees the rapid intuition of the creative needs, quickly imagining the best commercial and industrial proposal, immediately executing 3D industrial drawings, technical data sheets and renders to make the proposal concrete. In fact, we recognize the value of visual immersion in projects, including dynamic and augmented reality, and of the rapid prototype, which we implement thanks to exclusive proprietary hardware and software, or management models tested over years of experience in the field, managed by qualified human resources from the best Italian universities.

Our production is not only rich in alternatives, but also in diversified solutions in the offer of basic materials such as alternatives often not provided for by the customer and essential for the optimization of budgets and production times. And it is oriented to a panorama of selected raw material suppliers among the most innovative in Europe - able to guarantee a wide range - of metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, marbles, crystals, latest generation materials including finishes chosen among the best available, offering the possibility to satisfy your creative and emotional need.