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Assembled by Italian craftsmen and produced handmade for you.



Our products are exclusive, every single item is top-of-the-range.



Each product is made in a unique version for you from materials to finishes.


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Choose your starting item from the collection catalogue.



Customize your style, including fabric, color, finish and technology options.



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Design your lamp

Simply and Intuitive
Choose the style
for every ambient

Choose an item

You can do it by collection, type, technical characteristics according to your stylistic needs

Choose the dimensions

You can select the already loaded items for three size variants like in the case of E1/E2/E3 or choose the size from the options

Choose the materials

​You can select the fabrics, the materials of the bases, structures and ceiling rosettes, but also the plexiglass or glass diffusers

Choose the finishes and colors

You can select the types of processing, for example painting or galvanic and obviously choose the color

Choose stylish electrical cables

You can select the materials of the cables, such as silk or cotton, decide the color you prefer

Choose the features
for every light needs

Select the length of the cables

Choose the exact length of cables you need, depending on the environment or for your hotel or restaurant

Select the electrical plugs

Choose the electrical plugs you need, Italian, United Kingdom, United States or for Voltage 110V/230V or electrical class (I/II)

Select the type of treatment

For example, you can opt for fireproof, anti-rust, powder treatment, or for outdoor treatments

Select the protection IP rate

Choose a particular IP category protection necessary for some regulatory requirements from IP44 to IP55

Select the home automation

Choose all the latest possibilities of technology, including dimmable bulbs, voice integration, RGB with or without remote control

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Lightinup Hospitality Special

Special Offer 


Incredible discounts, on-site assistance, design support and personalized payment conditions. Package offers for your rooms and common areas. Assistance in interior design and lighting including. 

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Lightinup ff&e Special


Interior Designers

Partnership plan designed exclusively for architects, interior designers, agents and distributors. Commissions for you, big discounts only for your customers. Private area to manage your projects.

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Never Bulbs

You will never buy light bulbs

we offer them forever

The high-quality LED bulbs are included for the entire programmed life cycle (indicated in the package). And it's valid every time you buy a new product

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 Extra Life 

Respect the environment

​your purchase is valid for life

"Reset" solution. Return the product purchased from us when it will have arrived at the end of its life cycle. You get a new one by paying only the recycling and freight cost

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Come with us, into the world of manufacturing of the future, we offer you a simple and intuitive system to configure your high-quality tailor-made lamp down to the smallest detail and order it directly from the factory.

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